What Makes Someone Sexy?

Life in the Boomer Lane


Switzerland, the picture-postcard home of Heidi and about $1.5 trillion dollars worth of untraceable bank accounts, has learned how to survive in a state of neutral, monetary bliss. The Swiss can then go about the business of banking and doing research into what makes people sexy.

According to the UK Telegraph, scientists in Geneva have discovered that determining whether we are attracted to someone is one of the most complex tasks that the brain undertakes, possibly second to trying to get out of a speeding ticket.

So, what are the traits that determine if you are considered sexy?


Any child who has played with Mr Potato head would agree that it is helpful to have a face that has two sides. Even better if the sides are relatively matched.  As UK Telegraph points out,” Facial symmetry is also linked to agreeableness, extroversion and conscientiousness, so good-looking people…

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