Some Truths About Lies


Blatant Lies

See this?


When I studied Art History I first became exposed to the term “provenance”. Provenance in Art is like the CV of an art work. It documents its movements, relocations and history of ownership, since it left the artist’s studio and made its way to the wall of the museum or the private collection that it’s now part of. Toys have a similar tendency to migrate but their provenance is usually undocumented and sometimes even unknown. I have no idea how, when and under which circumstances the pointy finger showed up at our household. I also had no idea that my five-year-old could lie so fluidly and with such ease when upon unearthing the object, which was naturally lying on what will be our backyard grass once spring finally commits, he explained to two of our neighbours:

“This is a pointy finger, and my mom uses it when she…

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