…and Z is for Zebra!

The Cutter Rambles

Today is the last day of April, which means the Blogging From A to Z Challenge is finally over!


For the final day of the challenge, I figured I’d write about one of the two animals that I am often associated with. Since platypus doesn’t start with Z, today’s post will be about zebras, or at least my collection of zebra-related items.

I don’t know when the whole zebra thing started. I think it began as somewhat of a joke, where I’d say I wanted to get everything in zebra print. Eventually, the joke became reality. It wasn’t long before people started buying me things with zebra print or pictures of zebras on them.

One of the biggest disappointments I’ve suffered was when we visited the Animal Kingdom in Disney World and discovered that they don’t let you ride on the zebras. Apparently, they are actually quite temperamental creatures, and don’t…

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