A Closer Look at Sony’s New “Touchless Shutter” app

Photofocus (old site)

We’ve all been there. Out in the middle of who knows where, setting up for a shot that absolutely requires the camera to be perfectly still. You reach into your camera bag to grab your remote cable release only to realize that it is sitting all comfy on your desk at home. Or worse, you don’t even own a remote cable release. Now, you’re playing into the risk of introducing micro shakes with your camera as you reach for and press the shutter button. If you’re a Sony photographer, though, you’re in luck thanks to the release of a new free app in their PlayMemories App Store called “Touchless Shutter“, which allows you to trigger an exposure by simply waving your hand in front of the electronic viewfinder.

Sony lists the following cameras as compatible with this app: NEX-5R NEX-6, NEX-5T, ILCE-7 (a7), ILCE-7R (a7R), DSC-HX400V, DSC-HX60V, ILCE-6000 (a6000)…

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